Unlimited Faith - When You Think Your Faith Has Run Out (Book)

Unlimited Faith - When You Think Your Faith Has Run Out (Book)

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Unlimited Faith is a Faith based book that gives you principles on how to win in this Life. Many times we look at faith as just a word or just something to say because it sounds good. But faith is more than just a word it is the way of life. Everything you see around you was created by faith, Let's start with the first creator God, he created us in his own image so we can be just like him. But some of us walk around like we are lost and do not know who we are. The first step that we should take is by getting to know our creator and we will have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we were truly purpose for.

This starts with us being willing and obedient to God and to get to know him by putting our pride to the side to know that we are in need of him daily to survive this life. This book is very significant, because it was written in a time of a world in chaos. People are dying daily with a global pandemic and we need that hope which is in Jesus Christ. That is the only thing that is more real than this life. Tomorrow is definitely not promised to us. We all have to leave here one day, But some of us are supposed to be here to change the world and make a greater impact in this world through Jesus Christ. I know that I am one of these people, do you know that you are one them too?

Sometimes we stop the path that God has destined, because we want to do it our way. Which is the hardest way to do it. The reason is you cannot see in the dark and God is your light to be able to unlock things that are on the inside of you that you never thought were there. 

Some people do not know and understand that they are the missing link to people, lives so they can be all that God has created them to be. There is so much more to this life that you have not discovered so this book will give you insight on how faith works and supposed to operate on a daily basis. Also I share some things that I have gone through and how I was able to get out and it all took faith. There is also a chapter in this book that other people share their own testimonies of faith and how God has brought them through. 

So let me take you on a step by step journey of faith, sometimes it takes one tweak on the path that we are on to get to our destination. This is a time that we all need encouragement and change. This is a time that we stop using the word faith but have it, live it, breathe it and walk in the UNLIMITED. Let this book give you insight on the next move you make without apology. Welcome to Unlimited Faith.